The Bulgarian Eco Ministry has projected an increase in eco-taxes for old vehicles, as they are more responsible for air pollution. This has been stated to be one of the measures to improve air quality in Bulgaria, as stated by Minister Ivelina Vasileva Tuesday, Presa Daily reported.

It is projected that the product tax for old vehicles will be increased by 3%, while new car owners will be paying 5% less.

The idea will be a portion of the funds to be allocated to the recycling of already unused vehicles. Car owners will have full choice over which company they can choose to pay their eco-taxes to – Bulgarian recycling Company, Autowreck and Bulgarian Automobile Association.

There currently are 3,6 million motor vehicles in Bulgaria, 66% of which are more than 10-year old.

In the words of Vasileva, the government is willing to stimulate the purchase of more modern vehicles.

Currently, vehicles that are 10-year old or more are obliged to pay BGN 267. The tax for cars that have been used between 5 and 10 years is set at BGN 253, while those that have had less than 5 years on the road are taxed by BGN 200. Brand new cars will be registered in exchange for BGN 146.