Despite the initially explicit position that it is impossible to expect any increase of the minimum working salary in Bulgaria next year on Sunday the finance minister announced that he had changed his position and the increase would be a fact in 2015. The minimum working salary will be hiked to BGN 380, which will come in two stages. “I will give in on my position to keep the size of the minimum working salary unchanged. I will propose for the minimum salary to increase, but not too drastically as proposed by my colleagues before, but rather in two stages next year – with BGN 20 to BGN 360 as of January 1 and with BGN 20 to BGN 380 as of mid-2015, if there aren’t any serious cataclysms,” Bulgarian Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov said.The minister commented that after the talks held in the frames of the sitting of the National Council on Tripartite Cooperation his major concerns that the labour market would feel pressed by a drastic increase of the minimum salary did not meet with support neither on behalf of the trade unions nor on behalf of the greater part of the employers organisations.