“Investments in Bulgaria are 3.5 times higher than as compared to last year, ” said Bulgarian Minister of Economy Bozhidar Lukarski, speaking Thursday for Nova TV.
“This is data of the National Statistical Institute and more or less coincides with the data of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB),” Minister Lukarski said further.
In his words, Bulgarians made the same transactions last year but investments went 3.5 times up.
“Investments are estimated at some BGN 317 million in the first period of 2015 that is connected with the current government, while the money in bank transactions made by Bulgarians abroad is some BGN 204 million – [this is] official,” Bozhidar Lukarski specified.
”In Yosten we opened a very big assembly line and a huge investment. A sizeable investment started that is to be expanded also with additional financing on the part of a well-known German firm that manufactures dashboards for all cars,” Lukarski added.